Performance Singlet (PS161 BLACK)



product description

Oeko Tex

Standard 100

The Oeko-Tex 100 Standard screens and evaluates any harmful substances present within processed textiles intended to come into contact with consumers. It ensures that the levels of the harmful substances are within the safe limit or non-existence at all.

Our products are manufactured from strictly controlled processes and raw material that do not contain any toxic or harmful material which may cause skin allergy, skin cancer or harmful to human. All our products are tested and meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 via certificate. TEST NO: KLKO 055318


The material used by our factory for the print also do not contain PVC or any other harmful substance.

Wick Dry

A performance fabric that wicks moisture from the body to the surface of the fabric leaving it feeling cool, dry, light and comfortable.

Good Hand Fell Properties

Good hand feel equal better comfort for user. It provides the user a soft and “bare body” comfort.

Soil Release

Soil and Stain release properties in fabric allow it to be more resistance to staining and easy care

High Resistance to Yellowing

Prevent light coloured garment like white, beige etc from having “Yellow Staining” after prolonged storage in confined place

Anti Static

Prevent static build up by increasing the conductivity of the polyester which in turn leads to easier processing and wearer comfort.

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