Joya – Laura



product description

A new style for the season, in a lovely beige metallic with soft leather uppers, this traditional yet fashionable style of women’s sandals is packed with the wonderful Joya benefits; Joya shoes support the natural way your body moves and encourage you to walk actively. This podiatrist approved, leather sandal, Flores has been designed with three adjustable straps and a back one, providing you with a comfortable, unique feeling as you walk. The core feature of the softest shoe in the world, is the soft, supple sole which supports the natural sequence of movements and promotes active walking.

Wellbeing and Comfort. The Joya’s Soft Style line has a beneficial, yielding effect as you walk, combines with a stylish look. Emotion technology, developed to mimic joyful walking in firmer sand along the waterline. Its characteristic feature is the particularly wide sole in the heel and forefoot area, ideally combining softness and stability.

Particularly suitable for people with an athletic lifestyle as well as at work and during leisure time when physical relief during walking and standing is important.

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