Joya – Capri III



product description

Capri III is the style you’ll return to again and again. Capri III by Joya is a great men’s sandal great for everyday wear during the warmer seasons. Styled with black nubuck leather and textile uppers with a textile lining and soft cushioned micro fibre insoles. The two adjustable Velcro straps across the front of these sandals will enable you to find the perfect fit all day long.

Capri III has been built on the ‘Air’ sole. The sole is particularly suitable to those on their feet who would benefit from relief during walking and standing. This sole combines softness and stability. Joya shoes support the natural way your body moves and encourage you to walk actively. The core feature of the softest shoe in the world, is the soft, supple sole which supports the natural sequence of movements and promotes active walking.

Wellbeing and Comfort. The Joya’s Soft Style line has a beneficial, yielding effect as you walk, combines with a stylish look.

As part of the Joya Emotion range, the orthoflex insole provides a soft springy base.

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